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ERISA – Employee Benefits

We have extensive experience representing multiemployer benefit funds, including health, retirement and legal services funds, fund fiduciaries and sponsors as well as plan professionals, providers and participants. We respect and understand the challenges facing ERISA covered trust funds. We also represent individual participants and beneficiaries seeking to enforce their benefit rights under employer plans and the statute.

Our services include:

  • Trust Fund Formation and Administration
  • Representation of Plan Sponsors
  • Creating and Amending Trust Agreements and Plan Documents
  • Creating and Amending Plan documents including Summary Plan Descriptions
  • Government Agency Reporting and Filings
  • Plan Beneficiary
  • Communications
  • Internal Policies (HIPPA compliance, fiduciary process review, vendor/professional review, etc.)
  • Collection Policies and procedures
  • Litigation: including fiduciary and claims issues as well as collection of delinquent contributions.
  • Withdrawal liability issues and arbitrations  
  • Deadlock Resolution (Arbitration and Litigation)
  • Benefit Claim/denial and appeals

We have a proven track record advising individual fiduciaries and plans in areas as diverse as Medicaid Reimbursements, Plan design, financial responsibility and withdrawal liability litigation.