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At Gorlick, Kravitz & Listhaus, our lawyers counsel not-for-profit organizations, providing assistance with drafting and filing articles of incorporation, corporate by-laws, and registration to solicit funds.  We advise on tax-related laws affecting nonprofits.  Our attorneys manage all the legal requirements under the IRS code 501(c)(3) for trusts, foundations, and corporations.


A not-for-profit—also called a nonprofit—is an organization or corporation that does not operate for profit.  It is established to serve public interests, whether as a church, educational institution, government entity, or charity.  Such an institution may be incorporated or not, and the greatest percentage of not-for-profit institutions in the U.S. are charities, such as:

  • Religious—churches, cemeteries, radio, and TV programs
  • Educational—schools, universities, libraries, museums
  • Science—research foundations, universities
  • Preservation of natural resources—conservation, animal humane societies, forestry
  • Social welfare and poverty assistance—homeless shelters, battered women shelters, disaster help, (Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc.), food banks (soup kitchens or bread lines)
  • Liberal Arts—art galleries, theatre, symphonies, music academies, dance companies, performing arts centers, historical societies, cultural institutions

Charities Bureau                                                                    

In New York, the Charities Bureau is under the New York State Attorney General's Office.  Certain not-for-profit organizations are required to register with the Charities Bureau.  According to the bureau's registry, an estimated 50,000 nonprofit entities are registered under applicable New York laws that regulate charitable operations and solicitation of contributions.  In addition to IRS filing, our lawyers assist nonprofits with New York charity registration.

Regulated by different laws and than for-profit entities, not-for-profits face different challenges that require legal expertise.  Our lawyers have extensive experience with nonprofits.  We advise clients on board issues, reorganization, and charitable giving, along with providing appropriate legal remedies to resolve disputes.

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